Monday, June 29, 2015

Back in the Saddle Part One

It was a beautiful sunny summer morning. The heat had yet to become oppressive, and a slight breeze caressed over the still-green blanket of wheat, causing it to wave back and forth like a flag.

Two young women by the names of Renee and Amelia were getting set to make the most of the morning by going on an adventure. This particular adventure would be one that consisted of two horses, saddle bags packed full of picnic sandwiches, and endless, pine-scented trails ahead.

Pablo, my favorite horse. I love him to pieces!
"It's been forever since we have done this," Amelia remarked as she heaved the brown western saddle onto her trusty chocolate brown and white paint horse's back. 

The horse, who went by the name of Pablo, blew out a long breath through his nostrils and attempted to sneak a bite of the lush, green grass underneath his feet. Pablo snorted in almost human-like frustration as he was hindered with a sharp jerk of the lead rope by Mel.

"Now, old man," she scolded gently. "You know you are not supposed to graze until after you work."

Next to her, bridling a big red Thoroughbred named Riley, Renee grinned. "That silly paint of yours can never seem to stop eating. But you're right. We have both just been so busy. There is just never been time for us to go on a ride." 

Renee gave Riley a pat as he accepted the bit nonchalantly. Next to her, Pablo was not wanting to have anything to do with his bridle. He kept throwing his head up as high as he could beyond Amelia's reach, preventing her form getting anywhere near him with the headstall.

"Having problems?" Renee asked.

"Nope," Mel answered assuredly. "I have bridled him once, I can do it again." With that remark, along with a bit of coaxing, Pablo eventually took his bit, chomping at it as it settled between his teeth. It almost seemed like he was glaring at Mel as she slid the headstall over his ears.

"There, all ready!" Mel declared, turning back to Renee. 

"Good," Renee responded, feigning a yawn. "I was about to fall asleep here watching you."

The two young women made sure that all their gear was secure before they mounted up. Both were exited and prepared for what they anticipated to be a joyful morning ride through the forest.

As they made their way down the trail, Amelia and Renee chatted gaily to each other. They were both writers, and each of them were taking turns telling the other about all the exciting tales they were composing.

They both eventually grew silent, content to enjoy the sights and sounds of the beautiful green nature around them for a time. After a while, Renee, who was riding in the lead, turned to face Mel.

"Just think, if you had given up on horses back when you were thrown, chances are we would not have become such good friends, or have been able to go on trail rides together.

"Yea," Mel remarked. "Even I can't believe how close I came to giving up on on one of my passions." She said as she gave Pablo an affectionate pat.

Her thoughts then wandered back to the summer of 2008. It was the fateful summer when she was thrown. Oh how that experience had changed her life...

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  1. I am LOVING this story so far! :D Plus, Rylee got to cameo in there, along with a mysterious girl named Renee... ;) You're sooo sweet! And I can't wait to see what you do with this story!

    Thanks for posting!

  2. I can't wait to find out what happened!

  3. I'm enjoying it so far! ;) I'll definitely be back next week!

    1. I am happy you are enjoying it so far Jessica. I am too!

  4. Good job! I think I know who Renee is, haha! Waiting anxiously for the next post. :)

    1. Jordan, your assumption would be correct. ;)

  5. I enjoyed it, Emily! I'll definitely be back!! :)