Friday, July 17, 2015

Back in the Saddle Part Four

*A few years later*
Holding a hardbrush, Mel and a brown nd white paint gelding were locked in a staring contest of sorts.

"We are supposed to be going on our first trail ride together, Pablo," Mel said as she gave up on the battle of wills and moved to brush a fleck of dirt off his rump.

"Please don't pick today of all days to be your extra crabby self outside from your regular crabby self."

Jane came out toting Pablo's saddle, and happened to overhear Mel's last remark.

"I would not worry, Mel," she said as she set the saddle on the ground. "He was trained to be a trail horse. Pablo is much better on the trail than in the arena."

Mel gave Pablo a doubtful look. Since she had started riding again a few years ago Mel had regained the confidence to ride on her own. Pablo was a big thing that helped her to regain that confidence.

Mel had been drawn to Pablo almost from the moment he had come to the farm. His crabby, stubborn nature helped to bring her confidence up, because she really had to know how to ride to be able to control him. Otherwise, Pablo kind of went off and did his own thing. He was not the kind of horse to take off. If he did not like how a person was riding him he just stopped in any random spot and tried to take a nap.

In truth, Amelia loved the old Paint's crabby personality. Yet, as this was to be her very first trail ride ever, she felt she had cause to be antsy.

"I guess I won't know unless I try you out,: Mel told Pablo as she drooped the brush she was hoeing in the bucket and prepared to saddle him.

*Back to Present Day*

"I can't believe I thought you were not gonna be a good trail horse, old man," Mel said as she gave Pablo an affectionate pat.

"Yup, he sure did prove you wrong," Renee agreed wryly. Pablo snorted in seeming agreement with Renee's statement.

"I'm glad he did. I not only started riding again, I got to bond with a great horse and a great friend as well!"

Renee beamed "Aw, thanks Mel. You are a great friend too."

And with that, the two friends rode deeper into the forest and off onto great adventures with their horses and each other.


  1. I loved the conclusion to this story! Honestly I felt like I got to know you better. Thanks sooo much for posting and I really enjoyed it. :) Can't wait to read whatever other blog posts you have to put up! :D

  2. Thank you Emily. I am so happy you got to see more of me through this story. :)