Thursday, September 10, 2015

Never Forget

No matter how old you were, or what your current view on politics is, it is important to never forget what happened on this day fourteen years ago. Only twice has America been attacked on her home soil, at Pearl Harbor and on 9/11. The  images of smoke billowing from the twin towers, from the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania have become engraved in our Nation's history, images that we have been determined to never allow to take place again.

Yet, these images can teach us something on a personal level. It can teach us to live out each day as our last, because we can truly never know when our last day will come. So I encourage you today to do a few things:

1. Pray for wisdom for our Nation's leaders-this is something we should be doing now more than ever.
2. Pray for the families of the victims of 9/11, who are still dealing with their loss fourteen years later. Also pray for victims suffering from various illnesses from the attacks.
3. Pray and ask God if there is something he wants you to do right now, today, that you have been putting off for too long.

Lastly, here is a song by Alan Jackson, titled Where Were you When the World Stopped Turning, to commemorate this day:


  1. Thanks for posting. This is one of my favorite songs. Never forget.

  2. Great reminder. Sadly a lot of people didn't even realize what yesterday was. :( Oh, I love that song! I posted it too. ;)
    Thank you for posting this, Emily!

  3. Good post! I fear this country is forgetting more and more about 9/11

    1. Emily, I tagged you in my Awesome Food Tag post on my blog if you have time to check it out :)