Friday, February 26, 2016

Saving Camelot Part One

I wake up with my head beating savagely. A moan makes its way past my lips as I lazily move to stuff my head underneath the pillow. 

I vaguely register the honks and angry shouts of the streets below, the sound of New York City at rush hour. I try to pull up any scrap of information from my sore brain that could help me recall what exactly led me to this state. Yet no matter how had I try, I cannot possibly think of any event last night that could lead me to feeling like someone dropped a ton of bricks on my head, followed by several bags of cement for good measure.

I glance at my clock that usually reads the numbers to me bright and clear no matter what time of day it happens to be. That is when I noticed the first anomaly of the morning. My 21st century clock on the night stand had been replaced with one of those old fashioned circular ones, most certainly not mine.

My teeth sink into my lower lip out of frustration. SHE must have put it in here late at night after I was asleep. And they say one has to worry about the little sister getting into the big sister's stuff...

The metallic taste of blood enters my mouth as I plot out ways that I might kill Victoria and get away with it. 

Dang it! I run my tongue along my lip. You think after a while one would be able to kick this particular habit.

With a sharp inhale, I haul myself out of bed and over to the window, where down below lies another anomaly. Instead of the modernized taxis that are a staple on the New York streets, the roads are lined with cars that look like something out of an old-time car show I had to investigate once.

The beating in my head increases in intensity, causing me to stagger back as the room begins to sway. I stumble out of the room and go crashing into the wall, defiantly an impediment to my progress to the bathroom where a bottle of Tylenol that may as well be the Holy Grail is currently calling my name. Rather pathetically, I pull myself up using the hall table, and stagger into the bathroom, grabbing hold onto the sink to prevent myself from miserably crashing down once more. 

Tylenol, Tylenol. I rummage through the cabinet. I swear if Victoria took the last of it I’m gonna.... 

My thoughts stumble to a halt when I do not find my painkiller of choice but instead a bottle of aspirin, A quite oddly labeled bottle at that. Ah well, beggars can't afford to be choosers. 

Unscrewing the cap, I quickly shake out and down two pills, gulping water from the faucet that a vaguely notice looks different from usual, almost like a faucet you would find at your grandmother's apartment.

Sinking down to the yellow-tiled floor, which also looks old school, I drop my head in my hands as the pain starts to slowly subside. My detective mind begins to race through the evidence that I have so far been presented to me on what is turning out to be an absolutely terrible morning.

Now that my head is clearer, I try to think about what happened the night before. Was I hit on the head chasing down a suspect? My fingers cautiously probe around my hairline feeling for the telltale sign of a lump or bruise. I wince as my fingers probe the back of my head and come across a nice-sized lump.

I cannot recall a single event from the previous evening, most certainly not one that could have led to this. More importantly, where was my sister? For a women who always happens to be up long before I am, unless there happened to be a body drop somewhere in the city, she has been noticeably absent ever since I woke up. Unless…

A long ringing shakes me from my thoughts. I make a move to stand and head back to the bedroom where my cellphone lies on the nightstand, only to be stopped in the hall by what happens to be a land line telephone sitting on the very table that I used to pull myself up with.

My fingertips brush the phone, as tentatively, I pick in up to answer.

“Detective Wilson,” a mysterious, older-sounding, male voice answered.

“Who is this?”

“My identity you will find out soon enough. All you need to know for right now is that officials have sent both you and your sister to try and stop the murder of our President, John F. Kennedy. Your sister is currently safe, and you can expect to see her soon enough. When a man comes to the door later on this morning, go with him. He will protect you and ensure that you arrive to the destination unharmed.”

“What destination?! Who is…”

My questions are cut off as the line goes dead. I am left staring down the hallway of my apartment clutching the receiver without really taking note of much of anything as I try to process the phone call I had just received.

Something tells me that every bit of this is real. While I am relieved to know Victoria is all right, I am also filled with a certain sense of anxiety and dread, as a billion questions race through my mind.

We have to stop JFK’s assassination?



Have Victoria and I really been taken back to the 1960s?


  1. Wow, what an exciting start for a story! Sounds awesome. B-) And I love the first-person POV! :)

    1. I am glad you like ti so far Faith! Thanks for the feedback :)

  2. I am so excited for this story! Thanks for posting and post more soon! :D

    1. I am excited because you are excited Emily :) Thanks for commenting.