Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2017 Story Ideas

Hello everyone! Hope your first two days of 2017 went well! I go back to school today *sighs*. Oh well, such is life.

Today I will be giving a general overview on some of the story ideas I would like to have written by the end of the year.

First and foremost, is Saving Camelot. I know, I know, some of you might be thinking, was she not going to finish that story last month? Unfortunately, life happened, and that ended up not being the case. My goal is to finish it this month though, hopefully starting next week!

Then, there is my book from NaNo, Surviving the Odds. For details on that little project of mine, please click here to go back to my beautiful books post from October.

Now, you guys got a certain peek at a Finn and his sweetheart in A Finnish Christmas. Armo and Adeline are going to ride to tell more of their adventures! Some of their tales will include (feel free to guess what some of these stories will be about in the comments):

  • A Wacky Proposal
  • The World Series
  • Their Shadow
  • Science Fiction Nutcase
  • Hard Choices
  • The Frights of Life
  • True Beauty
This is my hopeful project for Camp NaNo in April. I may do another beautiful books post towards the end of March to go into detail about this set of stories.

My next project is tentatively titled the Councillor and the Cowgirl, which I believe I detailed in an earlier post but will go ahead and reiterate here, so that everything is in one place.

A young lawyer meets a young woman who just moved into a sort of backwards town to take a job train horses. He immediately gets caught up in shenanigans with his two brothers as he tries to woo this lady's affections. Later, shortly after they are married, the councillor is threatened for a case he took on, and begins to withdraw from his new wife and brothers because of it, fearing for his life and the lives of those he loves.

Then there is the case of my two sisters featured in Saving Camelot, Jasmine and Victoria. I really want to write a sort of thriller with both of these sisters at the center of the action. It will involve international abductions, shootings, mystery, and intrigue at every turn!

There you have it! Some of the writing ideas I have for 2017. Saving Camelot is a priority right now, along with finishing the first draft of Surviving the Odds. By the end of the year, my hope is to have at least the first  draft of all of these stories done, along with the SECOND draft of Surviving the Odds finished.

What are some of your writing goals for 2017? Feel free to comment below!

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  1. Sounds like some great goals! Best wishes!! :D