Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Finnish Christmas Part Two

A/N: Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Enjoy part two of a Finnish Christmas and be sure to comment!

Adeline could not help but dance around her living room in excitement.

Tonight was the night she was going to get to not just see, but also meet her favorite band of all time, Christ and Country.

It had been only a dream to be able to see them live ever since she discovered them.

Now, well, that dream was becoming a reality.

If only Armo and his host mom would hurry up in getting here.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Del stopped her dancing when she noticed headlights shining through the curtains.

"Bye, mom," she called as she bolted out the door into the snowflakes coming down like white flakes of powdered sugar outside. She was to the point where she was unable to wait any longer, and therefore did not show any signs of her usual disdain for the evil cold white stuff.

"Have fun, hon," she could hear her mother calling after her.

She smiled as she saw Armo sliding out of the front seat of the car.

"Hi!" she greeted him, embracing him.

Armo smiled. The last time he has seen his girl get this excited was when she had surprised her for her birthday by taking her to see her favorite horse.

"You could either have front, or we both sit in back".

Del glanced through the window to the driver's side of Armo's host mother's silver suburban. A kindly woman appearing to be in her early fifties smiled and waved to her, and Del waved back.

"Let's sit in the back together," Del said confidently, her gaze shifting back to Armo.

Armo smiled and nodded, opening up the passenger door for her as his blond locks escaped his cap to fall rather adorably across his brow.

My Finn is so adorable, Adeline thought as she slipped into the backseat. A gentleman too, she noted as he waited until she was completely settled inside before closing the door for her and making his way to the other side.


Later, Armo and Adeline found themselves standing in quite a long line as they waited for their turn to be able to meet and get their pictures taken with the band.

While this whole fanfare was not something Armo was all that interested in, he was curious to see exactly what this band of his Del's was all about.

Apparently, these group of singers were an acapella sextet. While they were predominantly country, the singers were christian and also tried to focus their musical talents to hymns like How Great Thou Art and Amazing grace as well.

Del for one, according to her best friend Rene, talked nonstop about one particular singer in the group. Apparently, he sang bass, and Adeline had a "thing" for bass singers as her grandmother had taught her to have an appreciation for them.

Armo turned away from Del, who was busy trying to crane her short stature above all the other people waiting in line who were ultimately taller than either of them.

He berated himself for allowing himself to feel homesick on tonight of all nights, but he could not help it. He missed his family terribly, and would give anything to be able to go home and spend Christmas with them.

He could not, though. He had one thing to console himself over though. Adeline's family had invited him to spend Christmas over at their house. It was not like he was going to spend it lonely.

He felt Del reach down to take his hand, and glanced over to her questioningly.

"We are right after these people," Adeline said, grinning wildly. Armo glanced ahead of them and realized that they were indeed about to come up.

"Oh, I am going to say something stupid and embarrass myself," Del berated herself, her smile replaced by a look of anxiety.

Armo smiled. "You no be fool. You are smart and pretty. Just be yourself".

Adeline smiled at her blond Finn, noticing a flash of loneliness that troubled his expression for a moment so fleeting she thought that she was seeing things.

"Are you okay?" she asked quietly as the people ahead of them went up to meet the band.

Her Finn nodded, brushing away the stray strands of blond hair that fell into his face as he did so. He smiled at Del.

"Still trying to get on regular sleep schedule after finals," he told her.

She seemed to buy that excuse for now, as their turn came up to meet the band.

"Um, hi," Adeline greeted as she approached the six band members, for guys and two girls.

The bass of the group smiled at her. "Howdy," he drawled in a voice that was deeper than the YouTube videos portrayed, nearly making Del swoon. "What are you guys's names".

After several seconds of silence that was beginning to grow awkward, Armo worriedly glanced over at his girlfriend. Once he saw she had been temporarily been struck with the inability to speak, he decided to speak up for the both of them.

"My name is Armo," he said carefully, remembering proper English. "This is my, ah, girlfriend Adeline".

"Adeline, that's a pretty name," The shortest girl of the group, who had shoulder length blond curls and was roughly about the same height as Armo, came up to Adeline to shake her hand. She sent Armo a wink that made him feel somewhat relieved. Obviously all of them must of had experience dealing with starstruck fans like Adeline.

"My name is Chloe, lead alto of these crazies". Armo was relieved when Del seemingly was able to snap out of her daze to shake the curly-haired woman's hand.

"The one who greeted you is my husband Ben, bass of the group" Ben raised his hand and smiled in greeting.

"The bald guy is Nate, our leader and baritone. The one who looks like he is up to no good is our tenor Chase," both Armo and Adeline smiled as a young man with his wavy blond hair tied into a ponytail protested her remark.

"Sadie is the only other female presence of the group here at high alto. Last, but most certainly not least, is our little brother, the heart, soul and rhythm of the group, Sam".

Armo looked surprised as Sam gave a demonstration of his beat box skills. He had never even heard or encountered someone who could make drumming sounds with their mouth before.

"How, um, do that?" he directed his question towards Sam.

"Practice," Sam answered simply with a smile.

"It's nice to meet you all," Adeline said quietly, very much starstruck. "I personally was wondering what it takes for you to get as low as you can".

The whole musical group of siblings laughed, then looked to Ben, who was smiling.

"Well," he drawled in a deep Texan accent. "Part of it was being blessed by God to be given a deep voice at puberty".

This remark elicited more laughter from the group, including Armo and Adeline and the people waiting for their turn behind them.

"For the other part of it," he continued, stroking his bearded chin in thought. "I suppose I would have to echo Sam. It takes practice to be able to hit those deep chest notes".

"It's dang sexy too," Del said, before looking around in horror as the band burst out laughing and Armo looked over at her, clearly concerned.

"Oh, goodness I am SO SORRY!" Del quickly apologized.

"Aw, don't worry about it," the man who looked almost too similar to Ben for it just to be family genetics said. "We are used to it".

"Trust me, other girls can oggle at his voice, but at the end of the day, he knows he is mine," Chloe went over to Ben, smiling up at him as he looked at her affectionately and wrapped an arm around her waist.

"How about a picture, guys?" Nate said in attempt to break the awkwardness, looking from Adeline and her beet red cheeks to Armo and his concerned, though somewhat amused look that he was giving Del.

"Okay," Del said meekly as her and Armo gathered around the band for their photo op.

Oh Delly, Armo thought as he smiled for the camera. How you amuse me so.

Now if only he could find a way to visit his parents earlier than this upcoming summer.

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