Saturday, December 31, 2016

Out With the Old

This is it people! As of the publishing time of this post there is officially only 24 hours left of 2016 *cheers*.

I think I can agree with social media's general consensus when I say that this year really was not a great one. It was a year of growth, to be sure, but also a year full of many ups and downs.

I dealt with some growing pains when it comes to learning to be grateful where I am at, no matter how bored I get of something and how much I desire to move on to the next level. This is going to be something I will probably continue to struggle with into the New Year, as I am very tired of school and my job right now.

My family and I were also forced to move AGAIN! We have moved around the same city four times now. This is all because we either rent from missionaries, or in the last scenario, rent from a retired pastor who had to have his house back due to unforeseeable circumstances. God is good though, and we ended up finding a house both closer to the college my brother and I attend (like, within walking distance) as well as almost within walking distance of my dad's work as well. We even had help from a dear friend of mine and her family, when my dad was "lucky" enough to sprain his ankle during the move. We never would have gotten it done without their help, which just goes to show that God is always a provider when things seem bleak.

I also have a bigger bedroom, and a new full size bed, (not new per se, but new to me at least). Sometime this coming month I will be sure to take you on the long-promised bedroom tour.

Do I dare even mention the election on here? With me being a political science minor, and with as much of a drama and upset as this last, I feel as if I sort of have to. I just want to say though, that if you could vote, or whatever preference you had, our country needs to have a time of peace during this transition. Pray for President-Elect Trump and Governor Pence as they and their advisors take office, and pray that all this strife, division, and turmoil in our country can be healed.

Christmas was a fun time. It was great getting together to celebrate the Savior's birth, and to spend time with friends and family. My Uncle and Aunt got a new dog named Spencer (seen sitting on my lap in the image below). The crazy thing is, he liked to bark and growl at me for like the first half hour we were at my Uncle and Aunt's. Then, he suddenly hopped up on my lap, tail wagging, and refused to really move for the rest of the afternoon as he kept licking my hands to death. He was super sweet, and that probably ended up being the highlight of my Christmas.

However, around the Monday before Christmas, things ended up being not so fun. I had my first hospital stay, as I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my right arm. Pretty scary to go through, especially if you hate Doctors and hospitals to begin with.  I am fine now though. The clot is gone and I am on blood thinners until further notice. Thank you to all who prayed for me during this time!

I also have started to write more consistently, all thanks to NaNoWriMo. My goal is to hit 45-50k before I go back to school on the third of the month. I still have NOT quite gotten to the point where I am writing consistently on a daily basis, but that is something to work on. I am hoping to have my first book TOTALLY finished by the time Camp NaNo rolls around in April. *Crosses fingers*

Well, there you have it guys, a kinda sorta recap to my year! Stay tuned, as in 24 hours my New Years Goals post is going live!

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  1. Cool post! Political Science is such a fun thing and wasn't this year just full of stuff for us Poly Sci people to like? Sounds like you had a nice year over all (except for the hospital stay). Happy New Years Eve!