Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fall Tag!

I was not tagged for this, but I thought it would be a fun thing for Turkey week. Plus, Mom has let me use her picmonkey account, so I am having fun with playing around with photos, or simply adding headings like the one above :)

Just an FYI to my regular followers (the few of you there are) Kennedy will be up this week, just a bit later than normal. Plus, I thought it would be fun to give you guys a snippet from my NaNo project on Thanksgiving that does not have so much to do with the actual holiday other than having a general theme of thankfulness :)

Anywho, now for the tag!

1. Favorite Fall Holiday:

Thanksgiving, because food is one of my favorite words in my vocabulary :)

2. Favorite Fall Dessert Ingredient: Caramel, Pumpkin or Pecan?

Caramel, which kinda surprises me. I don't actually like it by itself, but I discovered Caramel apples are yummy.

3. Favorite Fall Movie:

Fall movie? Is there really such a thing? I suppose I will go with a tv series instead and say Gilmore Girls. Mom says it is the perfect show to binge watch for fall, and I tend to agree with her. Check it out if you have not. :)

4. Favorite Fall Candle:

I am not really into candles.

5. Favorite Fall Drink:

It used to be the pumpkin spice latte, but now I find it to be quite disgusting. Now I would have to say a vanilla cappuccino. I love a foamy cappuccino. Then there would be any type of apple cider.

6. Favorite Item of Clothing for the Fall:

Boots and my leather jackets.

7. Favorite Fall Outing/Activity:

Seeing my school football team play.

8. Favorite Candy:

Almost anything chocolate or sour. Please don't make me pick (cringes).

9. Favorite Fall Weather:

Sunny with a crisp feeling in the air. I don't like being too cold, or even being outside when it is cold, but I don't mind being out in warmer fall weather.

10. Favorite at Home Meal:

Anything with chicken.

I have decided to tag some of my NaNo buddies who have not done this yet. If y'all are too busy with your books, don't worry about it ;)

+Jesseca Dawn
+Jonathan Trout
+s.m. b.
+Emily McConnell

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