Saturday, November 12, 2016

Music Saturday!

Hello to all my friends out there on this lovely Saturday!

Today we are going to do another top ten (or in this case twelve) post.

This time though it's going to be the top twelve songs from my favorite band, the country acapella group Home Free!

So without further ado, here they are!

12. Thank God I'm A Country Boy; (Let me say I love me some John Denver, but these guys put a totally hilarious spin on it.)

11. Die a Happy Man

10. Sold! I honestly did not know this was a popular country song back in the day, but Home Free's spin on it is better than the original and this is quite honestly hilarious as well.

9. Everything Will Be Okay

8. Crazy Life; Home Free and legos (I know a certain someone who would like this video)

7. Wake Me Up

6.What We Ain't Got

5. I've Seen

4. Fishin' in the Dark/Boondocks (Mashup)

3. Ring of Fire; I love Johnny Cash and I love this cover!

2. God Bless the USA; Let me just say, the whole band is awesome, but the beatboxer (whose name is Adam Rupp) goes above and beyond in this video.

1. How Great Thou Art

Honorable Mention; I know! I am up to thirteen music videos now (Music to listen to for NaNo? Maybe at least for me!), This one is NOT by Home Free (though I would love to see their rendition of this song.) This is Hallelujah by Pentatonix. I never had really liked Pentatonix (and still don't love them to be honest) but I love their rendition of this song.

Hope you enjoyed and that NaNo is going well. Have a safe and blessed weekend!


  1. Die a happy man – YES!! I love that song so much. :D

    1. Hi Faith! Die a Happy Man is such a sweet song too!