Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Saving Camelot Part Nine!

I just realized the last two parts I posted were in black font. That has been corrected and you can go read those parts now!

We both stare at each other from across the kitchen table. Neither of us have spoken a single word since my arrival to his apartment almost ten-or was it 20-minutes ago.

It is funny how this chaotic mess Victoria and I have found ourselves in has brought me right back to square one.

At least he has yet to launch into his usual tirade about me being a Soviet Spy. We are making some progress here.

"Jarrod called," he finally said, breaking the tense silence between the two of us.

"Oh," I say casually. I want him to be the one leading the conversation if there is any chance of me gaining his help for the next part of this mission.

"He said nothing other than to listen to what you have to say, and that you are telling the truth about whatever you are about to tell me".

Great, this won't be easy then.

Another long, pregnant pause follows as we both continue to stare at each other. The vintage (or not, considering where I am) clock ticks the seconds in an almost annoying loud fashion.

"Well, say your peace, or get out," the man says gruffly across from me. I can't help but smile at his usual attitude coming through.

"I am from the future," no response there. Not even a raised eyebrow. I take that as a sign that I should continue.

"We were recruited by the American government, not the Soviets, to stop the assassination of JFK that is supposed to take place when he visits Dallas for a campaign stop around four months from now".

Another pregnat pause. I wish he would have more of a readable expression. A rock would have more life than Nick Barkley.

"Sooo," he finally says, letting out the 'so' like a breath of oxygen. "You are a spy, just not for the Commies".

The tiniest of smiles flash across my face, relieved that I am apparently getting through to him and pushing aside all forms of question as to why he should be believing me in the first place. I mean, the fact of me being a spy for the Soviets would be easier to believe than the fact I was sent from the future to stop the JFK assassination.

"Kind, or, well actually yes. I have gathered intel though that suggest the Kremlin will possibly be the ones behind the assassination".

"The Kremlin, eh," for as loud and boisterous as Nick was when I first met him, he is being awfully quiet now, lost in thought I suppose.

"Being an investigative journalist, your brothers say you will be able to help me spy and gather intel on the people involved".

"Sure, sure, anything to take a crack at the Kremlin".

The silence that follows kills me and my impatience begins to show. What comes out of my mouth next though has  nothing to do with the case I am working.

"Why do you believe me? After going for so many days of thinking I was a Soviet spy!? Why bother? I would not believe myself?"

I mentally kick myself. Me and my big, snippy mouth.

He finally looks at me, his expression serious. "Cause the government kinda, shall we say abducted my brothers and I from the past. About 97 years from the past to be exact".

The manor of which he says this is so non-coincidental, almost casual and nonchalant that I have to believe him.

What is the government trying to do?

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