Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Saving Camelot Part Six

A/N: "I will keep up with this blog, "bangs head on table". Anyway, Kennedy is finished! Here is part six. Very short I know but it has Nick in it for all your BV fans. By the way, happy NaNoWriMo! Who all is doing NaNoWriMo and what are your projects? A Christian romance/drama is mine!
It’s easy enough to blend into my surroundings. Pennsylvania avenue, the street where the White House is located, is a buzz of activity. Literally no one on this street works regular 9-5 hours, as most work for the executive office in some fashion. It makes my job more easy as I tail Johnson and Hoover, being sure to keep just enough distance so that they do not notice me, and prepare to round the corner they have only recently disappeared on when..
“Dang!” I run head first into none other than Mr. Paranoid himself.

“Just where do you think you are going?” his voice booms, making me cringe.
“Home,” I respond, trying not to let his tone rile me as I glance around the corner. Too late for anything now.
“Well you seem to be in an awful hurry for someone just heading home after a day of work,” Nick crosses his muscular arms in front of him. I briefly wonder how he was able to get in the shape he is in for only being an investigative reporter, but I immediately push that thought aside.
“Look, can you please just let me pass, I had to work late and I am hungry,” a little white lie mixed with a truth, but what could it hurt?
“Not until you tell me what the FBI chief and Vice President were doing acting all chummy coming out of the White House just now. I know my brother’s set you up with a job there. Tell me what you know”.
Now it is my turn to narrow my eyes at him. “You are an investigative journalist! Find out yourself!”
“Maybe I will! I can always wheedle information out of Heath over a game of pool and a few beers,” he leans in closer to me, jabbing a finger into my face. “I am still watching you.”
“Yea, I’ll bet,” I mutter under my breath as Nick disappears around the corner where Johnson and Hoover turned. I chew my lower lip, and then make a beeline in the opposite direction toward my apartment. There is nothing more I can do tonight since I lost the two men. May as well go home and get some rest.

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