Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Saving Camelot Part Eight

“It is the real bona fide deal all right. With all the potential for terms to be negotiated for both sides that would easily be passed here at home and agreeable to the Soviet officials”.
Heath finally chimes in. “Why now? What do the Russians want that make them want to propose peace with the United States?”

“You have the KGB too,” I add. “How could it be in their best interests to agree with something like this?”
“What if it is not?” Tory ponders aloud. “What if this really is just an elaborate scheme to incapacitate the President?”
I nod along with her. “That would make the most sense”.
“Where do we go to prove this though?” Jarrod asks, looking directly at me. “You are basically doubly undercover right now. That will complicate things when it comes to keeping an eye on both Johnson and Hoover at once”.
“That Is why I want Heath to tail Hoover. You have more access to places he is liable to be found at,” Heath merely nods his head in acquiescence in Agent’s direction.
“You Jasmine will keep an eye on Johnson, while Tory will stay at the White Hose as much as possible in order to keep an eye on the president and his safety”.
I bite my lip, earning yet another disapproving glare from Tory. I swear she is more like a mother and less like a big sister at times. As much as I hate to admit it, this new plan by Agent is good. The only question is whether we can gather enough intelligence quickly enough to stop the assassination from happening in November. That put us in a bit of a crunch for time, but it is not like Tory and I have done more difficult tasks and succeeded in the 21st century.
I finally nodded. “Okay, let’s do this. There is only one thing..”
“Nick?” both Heath and Jarrod say. Victoria only smirks.
“We were thinking we may actually recruit him on this one, though it may be hard to believe, with his background he could be useful,” Agent said.
Jarrod nodded, but was quick to add “Only if absolutely necessary”.
“You seriously think he will believe the truth?” I almost roll my eyes at the thought.
“Now we have tied the Soviets to this, quite possibly,” Heath mused. “Though it still will take a lot”.
I sigh, not wanting to even think about the prospect of Mr. Paranoid helping me out with this case. Taking a last handful of golden brown, utterly delicious French fries, I stand and make my move to leave.
“Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure, but as it has been a long day and will be bound to be a equally lengthy one tomorrow, I believe I will go to get some rest”.
The men around the table nod and say their goodnights. Tory stands to embrace me, whispering a promise to find somewhere quiet to talk soon.
I then make my way out of the hazy bar and out into the night street. Bur, as I make my way to my apartment, I cannot help but wondering if this whole assignment really is futile.
After all, can one really change the past?

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